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Shenyang Blower Works Group Petrochemical Pumps Co., Ltd. has a rich heritage spanning over 90 years, tracing its origins back to 1932 whenthe EBARA water pump manufacturing institute was established. In 1949, Shenyang No.6 Machine Factory emerged as a pioneer in China, independently designing common components and paving the way for the domestic production of centrifugal pumps. It played acrucial role in supporting the development of the basic industry of China and quickly became the leading pump factory in Asia by 1953. We pioneer the establishment of a comprehensive design and manufacturing standard system for the Chinese pump industry, play a vital role in supporting the growth of centrifugal pump manufacturing enterprises, particularly in the third line. Through our efforts, we have nurtured and deployed a significant number of skilled professionals and technical experts, fueling the rapid advancement of the pump industry as a whole. In 2004, Shenyang Blower Works Group Petrochemical Pump Co., Ltd. responded to national policies and underwent a strategic reorganization of three plants, embracing adaptability and actively contributing to the localization of key equipment such as rapid cooling oil, rapid cooling water, alkylated hydrocarbon pumps, acid pumps, and hot water circulation pumps. This marked a significant breakthrough in breaking the monopoly of imported equipment. In 2020, Shenyang Blower Works Group Petrochemical Pump Co., Ltd. underwent ownership reform, introducing advanced management concepts and establishing a foundation based on heritage, learning, innovation, compatibility, quality, and efficiency. This laid the groundwork for sustainable innovation and development within the enterprise. With a century-long commitment, our Company continues to shoulder the responsibility and dedication of ensuring national equipment security, making valuable contributions to the nation.

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Team introduction

Enterprise mission
1.Deliver cutting-edge services to our users, provide comprehensive solutions that encompass industry-leading devices and control systems.

2.Establish a robust platform that integrates comprehensive and state-of-the-art technologies, exemplifies excellence in intelligent manufacturing, and fosters unparalleled growth opportunities.

3.Continuous development and endeavor to generate substantial returns for our valued users, trusted partners, and esteemed investors.

Organizational structure
Each and every member of our company consistently prioritizes "market," "cost," and "efficiency," delivering cutting-edge services to our users, providing comprehensive solutions that encompass industry-leading devices and control systems. Our commitment remains steadfast in continuously elevating the user experience and augmenting the value we bring to our esteemed users. We aim to infuse the company's business activities with a deep-rooted focus on "user value".
Collectively, every member of our company collaborates harmoniously towards accomplishing our shared mission. The mission serves as a unifying force, igniting the innate drive within each member, propelling them to continually surpass their own limits and evolve into the best versions of themselves. Through the pursuit of our mission, every member gradually develops a deep sense of identity, pride, and fulfillment, fostering a high-quality platform where wisdom and talent seamlessly integrate within the enterprise.
Every individual within our company possesses a profound grasp of our corporate culture. Recognizing that only through continuous development can an enterprise effectively meet the evolving needs of our users, we strive to remain in sync with them, continuously enhancing their experience and unlocking their full potential. A thriving enterprise that consistently progresses possesses a platform effect, attracting and consolidating high-quality resources. This synergy paves the way for fruitful collaborations and yields mutual benefits. Realistic significance holds immense value for our users, partners, investment partners, and every individual within our enterprise.
As a market leader, our company boasts a significant market share, specializing in the comprehensive range of activities including design, development, manufacturing, sales, testing, installation, commissioning, and after-sales service of pump products and associated accessories. With a wealth of experience in pump product processing and development, we leverage advanced design concepts, precise production techniques, and a highly skilled workforce, ensuring superior quality and customer satisfaction. Aligned with an advanced corporate culture and visionary management philosophy, our unwavering unity and genuine commitment pave the path for us to emerge as the forefront leaders in the esteemed domestic and internationally acclaimed pump industry.
Service advantages
Deliver integrated services, provide customers with a comprehensive range of solutions, including maintenance services, spare parts supply, information feedback, and complete machine solutions.

Maintenance Service

Offer a wide range of maintenance services, including inspections, condition monitoring, regular maintenance, and comprehensive overhaul services.

Spare Parts Supply

Ensure long-term availability of general spare parts and maintain regular stock of specialized components, reducing the need for extensive owner inventory.

Information Feedback
Establish and implement robust processes for inspection and maintenance services, fostering seamless communication and creating a smooth information feedback platform between our team and the customers.

Complete Machine Solution
Provide comprehensive solutions for various needs, such as unit fault rescue, overhaul services, rotor dynamic balancing, remote monitoring, and capacity enhancement and transformation.

NO.181 Honghui Road, Yuhong District, Shenyang
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